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4 Unique Stores for Interesting Gifts this Christmas

It’s that time of year again. Time to buy presents. If you are like me, I love and hate this process. I don’t want to be the one that buys you socks or some useless gift that gets regifted at a white elephant party. Preferably I would like to spend the extra time to get you something unique, useful, and a gift that brings you a smile when you unwrap it. With this in mind, I will list a few shops that might just give you the upper hand on your Christmas gifts this year.

Mouse Hole Cheese Shop

Gone are the days when you visit a baker, butcher, and vegetable market to get your groceries in America. Today, you can get everything in a grocery store, and the little mom-and-pop shops have slowly disappeared over the years. Yet, the Mouse Hole Cheese Shop hopes to revive these specialty shops in Albuquerque, and if you ask me, a visit to their store is worth the extra time.

Filled with a variety of high-end specialty cheeses, the Mouse Hole will bring you nothing but delight with its lovely dairy goodness. I don’t know many people that won’t like cheese except those that are allergic and that one weirdo that doesn’t like it, but for most, a large chunk of sharp cheddar will be a welcome gift this Christmas.


Astro-Zombies is sure to satisfy the enthusiast in your family by carrying the latest and greatest in comics, memorabilia, and records. The store is packed to the brim with fantastic gift ideas. You could spend hours here debating which item you should choose. If you can’t find a gift here, chances are you are a sock giver, and you should just get started wrapping up those bright white tube socks, resigning yourself to the disappointment you will be gifting this Christmas.

Los Poblanos Farm Shop

From delicious spices to excellent kitchen decor, Los Poblanos farm shop has a beautiful selection of items for Christmas gifts this season. I have drooled over the cast iron pans for years but haven’t yet come to terms with the $350 price tag. This store has everything you could want in an exceptional Christmas gift; chances are, you won’t leave empty-handed.

Boofy’s Best for Pets

Don’t forget your pets the Christmas when it comes time for buying gifts. Boofy’s is the best pet store in Albuquerque. Focused on nutrition, Boofy’s offers the best supply of pet food and accessories. Plus, they offer self-serve washing stations to get your pet ready for your family visits or you big Christmas party. Once you go here you will make it the regular stop for all your pet needs.

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