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5 Awesome Local Businesses To Shop This Weekend In Albuquerque

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Albuquerque has ample corporate shopping facilities, but the small local businesses shine and offer excellent, unique shopping experiences. Here are five awesome local companies you should check out this weekend.


Good coffee is hard to find, even in Albuquerque, with many different roasters. Yet, tucked away off Lomas and Central lies a gem of a coffee shop that will surely not disappoint. Remedy Coffee offers some of the best coffee in town, not to mention the delicious pastries baked in-store daily. If you are looking for your daily pick-me-up during the work day or your daily dose of coffee, Remedy is the place to go to satisfy all your caffeine needs. I recommend trying the Vanilla Latte or one of their seasonal drinks. They are unique and delicious.



Located near San Mateo and Lomas, Longhair Records is one exciting shopping experience. Stepping into the store, you immediately walk into a music shop reminiscent of the 90s. Filled with VHS tapes, CDs, books, cassettes, and records, you will remember the good ole days of buying a physical copy of your favorite band’s music and the joy of holding it in your hands while you review the track list and exciting package artwork. Not only is the shop packed with music, but it is also decorated with nick-nacks and art that will have you laughing and reminiscing about eras past. If you find some music you never heard of before, the owner will gladly play it for you on the turntable and let you decide if it will be added to your collection. Longhair Records is a must to visit just for the experience, even if you decided long ago to go digital with your music.



Family-owned and operated for over 50 years in the South Valley, Nelson’s Meats delivers the highest quality meats in Albuquerque. Harkening back to the days when you had to go to a butcher for your heart, Nelson’s draws you right back as you walk through the door and hear the butchers calling out ticket numbers and passing customers packets of beef wrapped in bright white butcher paper. Nelson’s prides itself in its premium cuts of hormone-free meat and excellent customer service. If you can’t wait to get home to eat, Nelson’s also has a burrito shop right next door that serves some of the best burritos in Albuquerque.



Have you ever been to a bookstore where it feels like home, and you could cozy up to a book in getting lost in the pages for hours? Well, that’s Title Wave books, plus they have cats that roam the store for the extra company. Title Wave has all the books you could ask for and the weird sci-fi and fantasy novels from the 70s and 80s. You could spend hours browsing through the maze of bookshelves or talking with the lovely owners. Please give it a visit today and find your new favorite novel.



Do you remember being huddled around the table with family and friends, looking at a board game and anticipating the next move and how it would change your destiny? Many of us have forgotten that feeling, thanks to the digital era of cell phones and computers and the apps that replaced our beloved board games. But don’t worry, Ettin Games has kept the board game dream alive and patiently waiting for you to be ready to huddle around that table again. Loaded with board games, board game accessories, and even a large area with tables to play in-store, Ettin Games has everything you need to start your next board game adventure.

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